• Why Worry?

    Posted on September 5, 2017 by in Canyon Country in Home Care, elder care, In Home Care, Lancaster Ca. In Home Care, newborn, Newhall in Home Care, Palmdale In Home Care, Santa Clarita In Home Care, Saugus In Home Care, Stevenson Ranch in Home Care, Woodland Hills In Home Senior and Elder Care

    Are you an extreme or slight worrier? Have you worried that you worry too much? Is worrying that you worry too much, making your stomach feel queasy? Excessive worrying can cause health problems such as depression, anxiety, and ulcers which could all lead to worse. So, why would we want to make ourselves sick over something like that? Right now seems like a fine time to put our inner worry-warts into perspective!

    When is the last time you recall worrying about something where it made a difference in the end result? Never, right?  That’s because worrying does nothing outside of putting your focus on negativity, which potentially triggers the law of attraction.  Whenever you’re troubled, work it out in your head logically and stop that fear based thinking. What is the worst thing that could happen? In most cases, it isn’t death or world destruction. In fact, continuing to worry in itself, could be hurting you more than whatever you’re concerned about.

    Throughout The Bible, it says in many different words, do not fear and trust God. I’m not saying you have to be Christian or religious to have peace, whether it’s God or a higher power, for me, it sure helps to have something to believe in.  Practice today, take a deep breath, let go and let your faith take over.  Take up yoga, go for a walk, try volunteering at a local charity to take your mind off the matters at hand. Drop the unnecessary weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders, lift your head up to look at the clouds in the sky.  Take time to smell the flowers, enjoy the view, and always live life as if everything is rigged in your favor!

    Take the worry out of caring for your loved ones with Bigelow Family Home Care.  We have provided home care assistance for seniors and the disabled in the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties since 2010. When you become a part of Bigelow Family Home Care, you are treated like a family member with access to on call assistance 24/7.

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