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    in home care

    old slide scan – aunt Mary uncle Ted and mum by the Thames (Photo credit: byronv2)

    Just like you, I was a bit reluctant to send my uncle to a nursing home as I thought of it as an insult to him as a person and an act of irresponsibility on my part. 

    Uncle Ted… was the best uncle, father, friend, brother I had and he really thought me a lot about life right after my mom passed on.

    My mom, a single mother died some years back in a motor accident and being the only child of my parents, I had to move in with my mother’s elder brother Uncle Ted.

    Momma was a single parent, my Dad had left her when he learnt she was pregnant claiming “I am not just in the right frame of mind to start a family now”. That was what my Mom told me and I just had to accept my fate.

    There are a lot of stories I would love to tell here but I guess I’ll just skip them.

    I moved in with Uncle Ted and although he was already ageing, he made my years with him worthwhile and when I was fully grown to handle responsibilities, it was my turn to take care of him.

    Age was catching up on him and I could see it. I had a job that required all my time and attention and I just couldn’t be with him all day like I’d have loved to.

    His kids were all in boarding school far away in the country, his wife late and he was all alone. I initially thought about sending him over to a nursing home but at second thought, I just didn’t like the idea and I got rid of it immediately. He had done so much for me and to repay him back, I promised myself I’ll always be around him any time I had the chance.

    I came across an In Home Care service and after going through all their services and all, I was impressed with their standards and decided to opt for them.

    Today, ,my uncle is doing well thanks to the wonderful level attention given to him by an in home caregiver at his disposal and I am always happy seeing that smile on his face all because he has someone to talk and share feelings with.


    1) It is Delivered to your doorstep: You know your homes very well than I do and you know the feeling that engulfs you any time you are there.

    There is no place like home.

    2) It Promotes family bonding: During times of illnesses, you need your loved ones around you more than you could ever think of. The fact that you are receiving your care in your house in front of your family alone is enough to strengthen you since you know that those that matter most to you are beside you.

    3) Faster healing time: Studies have shown that people who get treated in the comfort of their homes heal faster than the ones that visit the hospital.

    So if you are thinking about the best kind of care you could opt for … I strongly recommend you pick a highly qualified in home care company like Bigelow Family Home Care. 


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