• Home Care and the New Mother

    Posted on February 27, 2015 by in In Home Care

    Traditionally when we think of home care, it is in the context of the over-70 crowd and the many components associated with the health of that population. While the greater portion of caregivers do work in positions with older customers, by no means is home care limited exclusively to this age bracket.

    Home care is grossly under-utilized and under-discussed as an option for the new mother, at home with her infant and possibly going it alone for all or part of the day. For many women, this life-changing event can elicit a myriad of emotions: overwhelming isolation, inadequacy, loneliness and  sadness, to name a few. Coupled with the almost paralyzing exhaustion a newborn brings into your life, enjoying the experience becomes nearly impossible. (This is often true even without a diagnosis of postpartum depression, which if suspected, should be evaluated by either her primary care provider or obstetrician.) It’s easy to forget that just a short time ago, we didn’t raise a child alone. We lived in the same houses with, or very near to, our sisters, mothers, aunts and cousins. Support was often at a surplus for new parents.

    Today, this is no longer the norm. We are truly separated from those that would have at one time helped us. Any number of reasons keep us apart. People have jobs, they’re retiring later, they live in another state. And yet, taking care of a neonate hasn’t gotten any easier, even with wipe warmers and video baby monitors. Despite this, many women feel there is something wrong with them if they can’t handle all aspects of their new routine by themselves and with finesse.

    Thankfully, this mentality is slowly changing, in part due to home care companies like ours that make help for the new parent accessible, which in turn validates and legitimizes this underserved need. Knowing someone will be assisting you with your newborn, especially in the first few weeks, can make a huge difference in your overall psychological mindset and your feelings of success as a new parent. You really don’t have to do it alone.

    Whether you’re expecting your first child or he or she has already arrived, contact us to look into options that can ease this major life transition.