• Halloween Safety Tips For Seniors!

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    Good morning and Happy Halloween from the Bigelow Family Home Care Services family.  We hope that you and your family and friends have a very safe and happy Halloween. Whether you’ll be passing out candy to the children, watching spooky movies or just doing your best to pretend the night doesn’t exist, here are some safety tips especially for seniors.

    Leave The Lights ON – Even if you’re away from home or not handing out candy, leave the inside and outside lights on. A dark home will keep trick-or-treaters from knocking, it also tells the bad guys your house could be empty. If you are handing out treats, make sure your exterior is well lit. Troublemakers are less likely to act out when they can be seen.

    Keep The Ghouls Outside – Stay on the front porch or steps outside instead of inviting trick-or-treaters in. Protecting your home means drawing a line somewhere, and the front door is a perfect place to do that. If anyone needs to use the bathroom or phone, your house may not be the best place.

    Get a Team – If you’re worried about doing Halloween alone, ask a younger relative, neighbor or a home care provider like Bigelow Family Home Care to stay with you for a few hours. Would-be tricksters are less likely to target you or your home with multiple people present.

    Remove Hazards – Stairs are perfect for displaying candlelit pumpkins leading up to Halloween night, but not the best place for open flames when dozens of children with tails and capes are cascading by. In fact, remove all decorations from pathways since costumes will leave many children with impaired vision and mobility.

    Communicate – On a night with so much foot-traffic, talk to your neighbors about looking out for each other. Could you and your neighbor team up to hand out candy together? Discuss concerns in advance and find a plan that works… don’t hesitate to report suspicious activity – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Have Fun –  The final and most important rule is to relax and have some fun.

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