• Elderly Woman Dies After Nurse Refuses CPR? Unbelievable!

    Posted on March 4, 2013 by in Canyon Country in Home Care, In Home Care, Newhall in Home Care, Palmdale In Home Care, Santa Clarita In Home Care

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    in home careLast Tuesday morning an 87 year old woman died after a nurse in a Nursing Home refused to give CPR to her. You can see the FOX news report here.

    After hearing this story, I simply couldn’t believe that a nurse, of all things, would let someone die because of a company policy to only call 911 and wait until they arrived, with no CPR in the mean time. I think that a company policy like this is ridiculous! The 911 operator begged with the nurse to at least find someone, anyone to help, even a stranger. The nurse refused.

    Of course there seems to be a trend of this happening recently. In May of last year an Almeda man swam out into relatively shallow waters to commit suicide, where police and fire personnel stood on the shore and refused to help because they were not trained in water rescue. They even prevented people from going in to help the man who were willing to help. The man died of hypothermia. You can read about it here

    As you know, Bigelow Family Home Care is a licensed and bonded provider of in home elder care, as well as providing other in home care services to seniors, Alzheimer patients, surgery after care, and other in home services. Our team of providers are all certified in CPR and have continuing education to make sure their certifications are up to date and current. We make sure that every in home caregiver that we hire is trained.


    Because it is not our policy at Bigelow Family Home care to sit by and watch someone die.

    If your loved one is in our care, we will take every effort to make sure that their life is protected and cared for. We know how to dial 911, however we also know how to give CPR to someone before paramedics or and ambulance can get there.

    This does bring up a good point to consider however…

    Who would have ever thought that if you were interested in finding an in home care provider, or a nursing home, that you would have to ask the question “would you give CPR to my loved one if they needed it?” You would think that a care giver or facility wouldn’t think twice about it. Now we have to ask?

    Apparently the facility (who is standing behind this nurse) said the tenant knew when she moved in that this was the case, and signed a waiver when she moved in. Really? An 87 year old woman, who needs care in the first place, reads all the small print and knows exactly what she is signing at the time? This was explained to her when she moved in? Yea, right…

    Perhaps is is because we live in an extremely litigious society where we sue each other at the drop of a hat. We have created a society that causes companies to prohibit a nurse (who is trained to save lives) to watch a 97 year old woman die? This is just wrong….

    There is a reason why Bigelow Family Home Care has the word “care” in our name.

    We started this company because we care! We have a passion for caring for those entrusted to us. We care that our clients quality of life and dignity is preserved as much as possible, and as much as in our ability, we will never allow a situation like this, where care is not provided, life preserving care, to ever happen on our watch.


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